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Cybersecurity (4)

July 19, 2019

Machine Learning needs to take notes from Agile dev, and here’s why.

Machine Learning (ML) has been big in the spotlight since it made a resurgence with the advent of practical deep...
October 15, 2018

EU Approves Behavioral Biometrics as Authentication Factor

The EU made 2 decisions recently that we predict will catapult behavioral biometrics to prominence by this time next...
September 19, 2018

Twosense Keynote at International Conference on Data Science

We were honored to have had CEO, Dawud Gordon give a keynote at this year’s prestigious International Conference on...
January 10, 2018

Biometric Theft is a Big Deal and Behavioral Biometrics Can Help

TL;DR Biometric theft is permanent, essentially rendering that biometric (e.g. thumbprint) useless for the lifetime of...
October 16, 2017

Twosense Featured on CB Insights

CB Insights put out a blog post recently with a market map of companies using artificial intelligence (AI) to change...

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