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Easily Add Behavioral MFA to Your Login Workflows

Twosense Integrations

Easily add continuous authentication to your login workflows.
Confirm User Identity at Application Login

Single Sign On Integrations

Twosense allows you to easily add continuous authentication to your login workflows with no additional training or hardware required for your users.  Users don't need to manually enroll, sign up, or engage with the Twosense application. They can continue to work uninterrupted.








Confirm User Identity at Windows Login

Automatic MFA at Windows login to eliminate friction, increase productivity, and increase security.

Twosense unlocks a level of MFA security that was previously unheard of:
  • MFA at the start of every workday.
  • MFA when the user gets a cup of coffee.
  • MFA when the user gets back from lunch.
  • MFA every break.

When a user's identity is confirmed with behavioral biometrics, they can pass invisible MFA challenges continuously throughout the day.

Enhance User Experience Without Replacing Your Current Multifactor Solution

Twosense can be the first factor with traditional MFA as a backup. Our customers use:




See how Twosense can provide the best employee experience possible.

Get the Most from your Privileged Access Management Solution

IT admins tired of 20+ MFA challenges a day? Use our quick API integration, check a checkbox, and automate MFA for your privileged access management users in minutes. Keep your privileged information safe while automating MFA challenges.

We support Delinea Secret Server.