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Hospital Identity Security

Twosense eliminates the most common identity security challenges experienced by healthcare facilities. With Continuous MFA, hospitals can reduce the number of phone interactions required throughout the day, allowing staff to better care for patients.
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Hospital Identity Security Made Simple

Multi-Factor Authentication requires multiple steps, including an interaction with a phone, creating friction that impedes the delivery of care. Often hospitals are left with little choice but to cut corners, leaving them open to access sharing and vulnerable to attack. Many would like to eliminate passwords, but passwordless solutions rely entirely on mobile interactions as the only factor, making matters worse.

Twosense Continuous MFA Is Hospital Identity Security

Traditional MFA isn’t designed for hospitals. It’s designed for environments where the speed of access can be sacrificed for better security.

Most MFA solutions require a mobile interaction for every authentication:  push-based MFA like Duo, TOTP authenticator apps, or SSO-included MFA like Okta Verify.

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Passwords Can Be Tricky

Passwords are problematic for healthcare, but eliminating passwords removes a factor that is needed to multi-factor authenticate users.

Without a “something you know”,  a universal "something you are" is needed that does not require an interaction with a mobile phone for every authentication. That is why healthcare facilities are partnering with Twosense to solve identity security for hospital workforces with continuous biometric authentication.

Key Cards Are Single Factor

Key cards and card readers at workstations are expensive to purchase and replace. Staff may forget to badge out of their session when they leave a patient, leading to HIPAA compliance violations that are undetectable.

With Twosense, every authentication is a multi-factor authentication, whether with a password, a card, or a certificate. Authorized users gain access with zero friction, while attackers are biometrically blocked, even mid-session.

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The Solution is MFA Powered by Behavioral Biometrics and Machine Learning

Twosense provides identity verification via Passive Biometrics. Users are authenticated passively by their behavior, such as how they type, move the mouse, or walk from motion sensors in their phone. 

The solution is 100% software, with no hardware deployment or management required. 

Passive biometrics are unphishable because users can't be fooled into handing off their access to an unauthorized user.