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Cybersecurity (3)

December 14, 2020

Russian Hackers target US Treasury, NTIA and more in Huge Cyber Espionage Campaign against the US

The latest attacks are said to be the work of APT29 or Cozy bear, the same hacking group that’s believed to have...
August 21, 2020

Former Uber Security Chief charged for covering up 2016 hack, CISOs may now be thrusted into spotlight after an inevitable breach

Federal prosecutors have charged Uber’s former security chief Joseph Sullivan with obstruction of justice for...
July 17, 2020

Twitter’s recent hack is just another reminder of why Zero Trust is now more important than ever

In recent events, multiple Twitter accounts have been hacked showing a message using bitcoin as an avenue to obtain...
March 30, 2020

Breaking down how Coronavirus increases cybersecurity risks for remote workers

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is having a huge impact on society and for organizations still in operation, the workplace....
March 19, 2020

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Rush to Remote Work is Creating an InfoSec Crisis. Here are 5 Steps for Organizational Survival.

Coronavirus is here, and fear, uncertainty, and doubt are rampant. The move to a remote workforce has come suddenly and...
March 9, 2020

Microsoft is begging organizations to turn on MFA, why won’t they do it?

Microsoft presented at RSAC in San Francisco this year and revealed some shocking figures. What they saw is that a...

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