Zero Trust Security With A Better User Experience

Continuous Authentication Invisibly Authenticates Users Throughout A Session

Defense-Grade Cybersecurity, trusted by the US Department of Defense.

Catch Over 95% Of Unauthorized Users Within 35 Seconds.

Quickly catch unauthorized users and get a better understanding of your organization's highest risks with our dynamic dashboard, whether that be password reuse, credential sharing, unmanaged device use and more. Integrate with your SIEM to keep alerts in one place.


Automate User Authentication & Reduce MFA Friction

TWOSENSE invisibly authenticates users throughout a session and automatically responds to 95% of MFA challenges for your users reducing MFA friction. Find out exactly how much security fatigue is costing your organization.

Integrate With Your Current IAM/SSO Stack

Our software is SSO enabled, SAML and RADIUS ready which means that you can use your existing login workflows and deploy the same day. Check out our integrations.

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