Secure Multifactor Automation
via Continuous Authentication

Biometric factors and machine learning can guarantee a user's identity

Defense-Grade Cybersecurity, developed in partnership with the US Department of Defense

Twosense Responds to MFA Challenges So Your Users Don't Have To

Every MFA check wastes at least 15 seconds of a user's time. Those interruptions are also a constant source of irritation for employees. Twosense automates 95% of MFA challenges so your teams can be less frustrated and more productive.

MFA Once a Day is Not Enough

Skip the complicated MFA policy management and apply the most restrictive policy to every application and every user. MFA checks can be continuous throughout the day if they are automated.

Integrate With Your Current Single Sign On and MFA Solutions

When the user's identity can be guaranteed, Twosense passes the MFA challenge on behalf of the user. If the user's identify cannot be confirmed, the MFA challenge will proceed. Automate access into any Okta or OneLogin protected application, Windows logins, or Thycotic Secret Server. Check out our integrations.

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