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NEARSOL Chooses Twosense over Hard Tokens to Transform Contact Center Identity Security and Compliance

New York City — Twosense, a leader in identity security and authentication for contact centers and BPOs, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with NEARSOL, one of the top Nearshore outsourcers. This collaboration will enable NEARSOL to strengthen its security by implementing Twosense's innovative technology.

NEARSOL recognized the need to react to the changing security landscape with more frequent and sophisticated attacks occurring, specifically targeting contact centers. Twosense’s frictionless approach analyzes each user’s typing patterns and mouse movements to authenticate identities continuously. This makes it impossible for bad actors to access accounts even if credentials are compromised.

“Partnering with Twosense allows us to take our contact center security to the next level without introducing more complexity,” said Jon Gillibrand, Global Director of IT & Cybersecurity at NEARSOL. Their technology enables us to stop identity attacks in real-time while delivering seamless protection and compliance.

Victor Pereda, CEO of NEARSOL, echoed the importance of the partnership. "Twosense’s AI-powered solution is a game changer for our industry. It provides bulletproof security while enhancing both productivity and the user experience.”

Traditional authentication solutions are incompatible and unable to align with NEARSOL’s strict clean desk policies, international presence, and need to onboard employees quickly. "Almost all software solutions require a phone, while hard tokens proved impossibly complex and expensive to support across an international operation. NEARSOL instead settled on Twosense, which integrates seamlessly with existing workflows without additional complexity. This allows NEARSOL to significantly strengthen defenses across its 10,000+ seat delivery footprint without the operational disruption hard tokens would have caused. 

“We’re thrilled NEARSOL selected us as their partner in this critical initiative,” said Dawud Gordon, CEO of Twosense. “They are one of the most respected brands in customer experience delivery. We’re excited to help them safeguard their clients while advancing innovation in the nearshore outsourcing space.”

With Twosense, NEARSOL can protect its clients and brand reputation without tradeoffs. This partnership exemplifies NEARSOL’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver world-class customer experiences.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Isabeau Boody
Marketing Manager

About Twosense:

Twosense is a leading provider of behavioral multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. Through its innovative technology, Twosense brings continuous authentication to organizations, eliminating the need for additional hardware or user training. By analyzing user behavior data, including keystroke timing and mouse movements, Twosense creates unique user behavior profiles, offering enhanced security and protection against phishing attacks. For more information, visit


Based in the US, NEARSOL, established in 2006, originated in telecommunications, swiftly transitioning into a leading Outsourcing & Implementation solutions provider. Recognizing the essence of loyalty and dedication in business development, we ensure reliability for optimal outcomes. With a strong presence in crucial BPO regions like LATAM, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific, NEARSOL has garnered accolades for quality service, fostering enduring partnerships through unmatched service delivery. Committed for over 13 years, we provide expert guidance and process management for seamless business growth, driven by our core value of "Always Customer Service." For more information, visit

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