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BPO Call Center agent sitting at their workstation assisting a customer on a service call.

MFA Designed for Secure Call Center Facilities

Secure call center facilities face a unique and pressing challenge: maintaining PCI compliance by implementing identity security measures like multi-factor authentication. In most secured facilities, employees are highly restricted when it comes to what can and cannot enter the workspace. Cell phones, bags, and writing utensils are strictly prohibited due to the nature of the information they work with, such as PII (personally identifiable information) like credit card details.

Maintaining PCI compliance is paramount when managing secure call center facilities. The consequences of PCI non-compliance vary from monthly penalties which can range from $5,000 to $500,000 to legal action and can result in the loss of revenue. When PCI compliance is not met, organizations also incur additional risks like reputational damages, which can also greatly impact the organization’s bottom line.

Achieving PCI compliance in a setting that strictly prohibits the use of cell phones can be incredibly difficult for organizations to do without the appropriate software in place. Traditional MFA relies on mobile devices, which cannot enter the facility. Email MFA doesn't meet the compliance standards required. Even if did, an emailed PIN is insecure if a workstation is compromised. Hardware tokens are expensive and difficult to implement, and with churn at an all-time high in call centers, would leave management chasing down those tokens or having to all deauthorize them individually, wasting the company time and money.

The most important part of resolving this fundamental issue within secured call center facilities is finding the proper vendor to partner with. Twosense has developed a software-only MFA that enables call centers to meet PCI compliance standards while also making managers and agents more time-efficient on and off of customer service calls.

Our solution automates MFA challenges by using passive biometrics to authenticate employees and keep PII safe. Twosense can be deployed as either a browser extension (Chrome and Edge) or as a Windows agent. In either case, any organization can roll out the solution with minimal time and effort. This is ideal for Call Centers because it doesn’t require a phone or a hardware token because the software is installed on the user’s browser, workstation, or virtual machine.

Schedule your demo now to learn how Twosense can help your call center serve customers better.

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