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Call center agent laughing while on a call.
How you can protect your company by deploying PCI-compliant phishing-resistant MFA to every agent.

Everything You Want To Know About The Twosense Passive MFA Webinar

When it comes to identity security and maintaining PCI compliance, BPO call centers face unique challenges. From limiting mobile phones on call center floors, to potential breaches, and meeting PCI DSS compliance standards, the importance of multi-factor authentication is at the forefront of security conversations.

Twosense has developed a first-of-its-kind, software-only MFA specifically for call centers. Powered by machine learning, Twosense Passive MFA uses biometrics to authenticate and automate the MFA challenge response. This means no enrollment, no training, and no phishing attacks. 

In our live Passive MFA webinar, our Director of Product Dan Ritch shows how Twosense MFA optimizes call center identity security so that your organization can close more security-conscious customers and win against the competition when an RFP is requested.

If you missed the live event on August 8th and want to watch the replay, you can do so here

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