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Why a proactive approach to choosing an authentication solution matters.

Choosing a BPO Contact Center MFA Solution Before Clients Choose For You

In today's evolving security landscape, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contact centers face the critical task of selecting the right Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution to comply with new PCI 4 standards. During our calls with customers, we often heard that when BPOs don't take the initiative in choosing their MFA solutions, their clients decide for them. This can lead to clients choosing a solution that works for them but not the BPO, like mobile soft tokens that require bringing a phone into the contact center or desktop authenticators that don't support floating desks. Conversely, Twosense offers a cost-effective and manageable alternative solution specifically tailored to the unique needs of BPO contact centers and their clients.

In this blog, we'll explore why it's essential for BPOs to proactively choose their MFA solutions and why Twosense stands out as the best choice.

The Incompatibility of Mobile Phones and YubiKeys in Contact Centers

BPO contact centers require an MFA tool that surpasses traditional MFA solutions' capabilities. Clean desk policies in these environments prohibit the use of mobile phones, rendering MFA solutions that rely on mobile devices or text messages impractical. While YubiKey is a PCI-compliant option, it still presents other challenges. Coming in 2.5 times more expensive than software-based solutions– hard tokens incur significant hidden costs related to replacements, logistics, and management. Let's delve deeper into the issues with mobile phones and YubiKeys:

  1. Mobile Phones: Clean desk policies strictly prohibit the presence of mobile devices on the floor, eliminating any MFA solutions that require them. Additionally, legal restrictions in various regions prevent employees from using personal devices for work purposes, making this option unviable for contact centers.

  2. YubiKeys: Despite their initial appeal, YubiKeys are fraught with hidden costs. Each device costs around $50, but frequent replacements, logistics, and IT personnel management significantly increase the cost. Approximately 10% of YubiKeys need replacing each month due to loss, theft, or damage, leading to a 100% annual replacement rate.

Comparing Costs: Twosense vs. YubiKey

Let's break down the financial implications of adopting either Twosense or YubiKey as your MFA solution:

  1. Initial Purchase Price:
    • Twosense: $6 per user per month ($72 per year)
    • YubiKey: $50 per device (one-time cost)
Twosense YubiKey
$72,000 (annual) $50,000 (one-time)
  1. Replacement Costs:
    • Twosense: $0 (licenses are transferable)
    • YubiKey: $60,000 annually (10% replacement rate monthly)
Twosense YubiKey
$0 (annual) $60,000 (annual)
  1. Logistics and Shipping:
    • Twosense: $0 (software deployment)
    • YubiKey: $10,000 annually (shipping replacements)
Twosense YubiKey
$0 (annual) $10,000 (annual)
  1. IT HR Management:
    • Twosense: $0
    • YubiKey: $35,000-$70,000 (1 FTE IT headcount)
Twosense YubiKey
$0 $35,000-$70,000

Total Cost of Ownership

Considering all costs, Twosense offers significant savings compared to YubiKey:

Twosense YubiKey
$72,000 (annual) $190,000 (annual)


Read the full Cost-Saving Blueprint: Twosense vs. YubiKey here.

Optimizing Contact Centers with Twosense

Ultimately, if BPO contact centers aren’t proactive in their authentication solution choice, clients will choose a solution that they think will work best–and once a solution is picked, it is nearly impossible to change course. However, with many of our BPO customers, Twosense has quickly become their client's first choice when it is already in place. BPOs and their clients love it because it's cheaper, easier, and more secure.

Twosense enables BPOs to deploy PCI-compliant MFA on every endpoint while reducing overall costs. Unlike hard tokens, our solution doesn't require managing physical devices or handling replacements. It is a streamlined, software-based solution that only counts active users, minimizing administrative overhead and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

By choosing Twosense, BPOs can ensure they meet compliance standards without compromising efficiency or budget. The solution eliminates MFA friction, saving an average of 40 minutes per month per agent, and provides a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Twosense's continuous authentication protects against potential data breaches, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining compliance with regulatory frameworks.


In this blog, we've explored the importance of taking a proactive approach to choosing an authentication solution and highlighted the pitfalls of relying on clients to make this choice. When BPOs relinquish the right to choose the security solution, clients often implement solutions like hard tokens and mobile authenticators or non-compliant options like mobile, email, or SMS 2FA. While hard tokens like YubiKey may appear cost-effective initially, the hidden costs and management challenges make them a less viable option for growing BPOs.

Twosense offers a more streamlined, cost-effective solution tailored to contact centers' specific needs. It ensures PCI compliance, reduces costs, and enhances security without adding security friction or additional administrative tasks. BPOs implementing Twosense find it is their clients' preferred choice because it is cheaper, easier, and more secure.

By proactively choosing Twosense, BPOs can avoid the pitfalls of suboptimal MFA solutions and ensure a secure, efficient, and compliant operation. Clients love Twosense's cost-effectiveness and ease of use, making it the first choice when already in place.

To learn more and see Twosense in action, schedule a one-on-one demo with our experts and take the first step towards a more secure and cost-efficient future for your contact center.

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