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Hands typing out credentials upon MFA prompt with a white overlay of a login screen and a shield with a checkmark conveying a successful authentication.
Behavioral MFA creates a continuous and frictionless MFA experience without increasing user responsibility.

Automate BPO Identity Security with Twosense Behavioral MFA

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the need for robust authentication measures is paramount. As BPOs & contact centers strive to fortify their defenses against ever-sophisticated threats, implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become a standard practice. However, the traditional MFA methods often encounter challenges such as user enrollment issues, MFA fatigue, and employee resistance to using personal devices (not to mention the security risk of using unmanaged BYOD phones). Enter Twosense Behavioral MFA – a game-changer that promises to automate and streamline the MFA process while addressing these common hurdles.


One of the primary obstacles to a successful MFA implementation is user enrollment. When left to complete the process independently, most employees find it cumbersome and time-consuming. Twosense is 100% software with an automated enrollment process,  eliminating the need for lengthy setup procedures. This ensures 100% enrollment from day one and significantly reduces the burden on users. When onboarding hundreds of new agents each month this can significantly impact each agent's onboarding experience.

Additionally, MFA fatigue is a real concern, and organizations often grapple with the challenge of securing employees without overwhelming them. Lack of awareness and understanding can lead to frustration and often compromises security. Twosense provides identity verification via behavior. The behavioral data, such as typing cadence and mouse movement, is passed into a cloud-based machine learning system that builds a model of each user's behavior. Whenever a user passes an MFA challenge, each model continues to learn and adapt to changing behaviors. When the model is mature, Twosense can validate the user's identity and create a baseline of trust.

Twosense Behavioral MFA takes a proactive approach by continuously analyzing user behavior, reducing employees' daily interactions with MFA, and reducing user error. This enhances security and lessens the need for extensive user education. With Behavioral MFA  working seamlessly in the background to automate MFA challenge responses, the risk of MFA fatigue is taken off the table.

Using personal devices in MFA processes can also be a contentious issue, with employees reluctant to use their personal devices for authentication. Security is also a significant challenge here too. You wouldn’t allow an agent to use their own unmanaged BYOD computer to work. The same risks are present with BYOD phones. Twosense tackles this concern by offering a behavior-based approach that does not rely on mobile devices. This is especially beneficial for organizations like BPO contact centers subject to compliance standards like PCI DSS, where clean-desk policies strictly prohibit mobile devices at workstations. Twosense provides a versatile solution that adapts to the preferences and policies of the organization while maintaining a high level of security.

There is one final additional hidden cost that’s often overlooked because it can be challenging to see: the cost of MFA friction. Using MFA with OTP providers requires users to take an extra step, which can take up to 45 seconds each time. This can add up to 40 minutes of lost productivity per agent monthly. Twosense, on the other hand, is entirely passive and invisible to the user. The software does the work of the second factor, enabling IT and Security teams to deploy MFA that is seamless, invisible to the user, and instantaneous in 3-steps.

The Cost of MFA Friction Blueprint demonstrates the time savings and can be found here.

In the quest for enhanced security, organizations must seek innovative solutions that fortify their defenses and prioritize factors like agent efficiency. Twosense Behavioral MFA is a beacon in this journey, removing the need for enrollment, mitigating MFA fatigue by automating MFA challenge responses, and providing a software-only solution that does not rely on mobile devices.

As the digital realm continues to evolve, embracing cutting-edge solutions like Twosense Behavioral MFA is not just a step forward; it's a leap into a secure and frictionless future.

Speak with our experts to seamlessly integrate Twosense's invisible MFA into your contact center operations, enhancing security without disrupting your agents' workflow.

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