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Contact center customers are increasingly concerned with security, creating an incredibly competitive RFP space.

Close More Security-Conscious BPO Customers With Continuous MFA

In 2022 more than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches occurred, with roughly 22 billion records being exposed. The world watched dozens of well-known brands experience breaches due to MFA fatigue and various social engineering techniques. With security being a trending theme last year, it's no surprise that customers across the globe are starting to care more about security and ways to proactively prevent breaches in 2023. 

This is particularly true for organizations looking to outsource their customer service to contact centers. Last year some of the most prominent names in the BPO space experienced data breaches, most of which occurred as the result of MFA fatigue. These breaches sent shockwaves through the industry, as many resulted in BPO customers getting breached and, in some cases, the BPO customers' customers. Agents are often the targets of threat actors as they are an access point into the contact centers system. 

This is problematic because contact centers have long struggled with finding MFA that works for their environment– which is subject to significant restrictions and compliance standards– making them vulnerable to human error and social engineering. The Sitel breach in March of 2022 is a prime example of how the paradigm of periodic challenge-response MFA transactions for securing ID failed contact centers. A single endpoint was compromised with an open session, and the attacker used the authorized user’s access to do what the authorized user did every day - make adjustments to other users’ MFA. 

This resulted in BPOs and their customers taking agent authentication more seriously and prioritizing identity security. The good news is that the risk of these types of breaches can be mitigated by implementing effective security measures, such as phishing-resistant biometric multi-factor authentication.

That brings us to the competitive RFP landscape being seen currently.  With security consciousness at the forefront of decision-making, contact center customers are eager to engage security-focused partners. This gives BPOs a unique opportunity to prove their commitment to security as organizations look to outsource their customer service. 

To win the trust of customers, BPOs must be able to advertise both security and efficiency.  With so many different threats facing organizations today, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Being an early adopter of phishing-resistant biometric MFA gives BPOs a significant advantage in confidently pursuing security-conscious customers. 

That is why Twosense is partnering with BPOs to help them win more RFP bids. 

Customers want to know that their data is safe from unauthorized access or tampering. This can only be guaranteed using technology that offers strong security measures –such as biometric multi-factor authentication. Having Twosense MFA in your technology stack helps you ensure clients that your organization can do just that. 

The Twosense RFP Partnership program will enable you to pursue security-centric customers confidently. Included in this program is a variety of benefits for our partners, such as:

  • Twosense seal of approval for their web and marketing efforts. 
  • Collateral and participation throughout the RFP process to support their success. 
  • A commitment to joint case studies for sales and co-marketing, allowing our partners to showcase their success stories and attract new customers. 
Schedule your private one-on-one demo or discuss how we can help close an RFP on which you are currently bidding here.

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