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Building a Culture of Cybersecurity

Workplace culture is a topic that experienced a rapid increase in popularity over the last two years. Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost all organizations have shifted their employees to working remotely, leaving IT and cybersecurity teams scrambling to create new policies and strategies to secure this new environment.

As teams shifted to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic, the FBI reported a 300% increase in cybercrimes in the US. Ransomware attacks and phishing attempts have become much more common. Employees and their devices are more prone to attacks, and the IT team or the cybersecurity team alone couldn’t handle the threats.

Besides phishing, a remote and distributed workforce creates other cybersecurity issues as well. Unlike an in-office situation, the employee devices are not physically secure while working remotely.

A study conducted by Gartner found that roughly 24% of data breaches are attributed to human mistakes. These errors can be as small and unintentional as leaving a laptop in a taxi or forgetting a smartphone on a restaurant table.

Twosense CEO & Co-Founder Dawud Gordon Ph.D. sat down with the team at Invgate to discuss some of the ways that organizations can proactively develop a cybersecurity culture within their team.

“Raising awareness within your organization is one of the best places to start, employees who are aware of the impact of a cybersecurity incident and how simple measures can avoid it are more likely to work with your initiatives.” He added, “If employees are educated about the impact of a potential breach, they're much more willing to change their behavior to prevent that worst-case scenario.”

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