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AFGE Automates MFA Challenges With Help From Twosense

What do you call better security with a better user experience? We call it The Twosense Effect.

Our team recently sat down with Taylor Higley, Director of Informations Systems at AFGE to discuss the implementation of the Twosense software and the impact that it has had on the organization’s security and employee productivity.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union and represents 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas. With full IT responsibility for over 300,000 members and 400+ employees, keeping private information secure is essential.

Twosense software integrates seamlessly with an organization’s pre-existing IAM infrastructure and can be deployed as either a browser extension (Chrome and Edge) or as a Windows agent. In either case, any organization with managed devices can roll out the solution to whatever users they intend to onboard with minimal time and effort.

When asked about the result of implementing Twosense software, Higley said “People are getting significantly fewer prompts.” While he can monitor the number of MFA challenges automated and time saved in the provided dashboard, he hasn’t needed to communicate them beyond the IT department. Everyone has noticed a change, from employees to the board. “We have a subcommittee for IT, which is a subset of the board, and every member can draw from their own experience with the software. They know they are experiencing a lot fewer MFA prompts, and that’s incredibly valuable.” 


When asked about how Twosense software has helped AFGE manage the transition to working remotely, Higley said “Twosense software has been especially helpful for the roughly 200 people that were working on-site who rarely if ever got the Okta MFA prompt. Now, all of a sudden while working remotely they were getting them while working from home or when using a new browser. Twosense was able to ease some of that pain.”

“MFA is something everyone loves to hate, but it’s necessary and people get it,” he said. “With Twosense we are able to make that necessary evil a little less evil.”

To read the full case study please click here.

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