TWOSENSE.AI Keynote at International Conference on Data Science

We were honored to have had CEO, Dawud Gordon give a keynote at this year’s prestigious International Conference on Data Science. Here’s an abstract:

This talk will look at the applications of behavior-based authentication in the business world and how it has been affected by research. We’ll look at the field as a whole, and also at the vision for us at TwoSense, and demonstrate that this is a problem that is insoluble without the application of machine learning. We will then take a deeper look at the machine learning challenges that must be overcome, and a few novel solutions from our labs. We will then look at some of the lessons learned from deploying behavioral biometrics in the wild in product settings. From there, we will look at some research methodology issues that we’ve come across and conclude by proposing a few best practices for the behavioral biometrics community.

And the slides can be found online on the conference website.

John Tanios