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Behavior Biometric

Passive Multi-Factor Authentication

Powered by machine learning, Twosense Passive MFA uses biometrics to authenticate and automate the MFA challenge response. This means no enrollment, no training, and no phishing attacks. 

Defense-Grade Behavioral Biometrics

Twosense Passive MFA

Developed in partnership with the US Department of Defense, Twosense Passive MFA automatically verifies a user's identity without any participation on their part.  This means no enrollment, no training, and no phishing attacks.


Asset 12-1-1

Biometrically verify a user's identity before they access mission critical applications.


Windows Login

Add an MFA challenge to every user at every Windows login or unlock throughout the day without ever interrupting them.


Web Applications

Integrate Twosense with your Single Sign On of choice to invisibly MFA challenge users that access mission-critical web applications.


VPN Access

Confirm work from home employees' identities before they access your network without requiring webcam access.


"MFA is something everyone loves to hate, but it’s necessary and people get it,” he said. “With Twosense we are able to make that necessary evil a little less evil.”

- Taylor Higley, Director of Information Services, American Federation of Government Employees


Machine Learning

The Twosense agent collects keystroke timing and mouse movements to build a model of each user's behavior.  Their most recent behavior is checked against the model to check their identity.


Save Time and Money

Each MFA challenge wastes 15 seconds on average.  How much time and money would you save by switching to Passive MFA?


PCI Compliance

PCI 4.0 is coming.  Are you ready?  Easily pass audits with PCI and NIST approved biometric MFA and no compensating controls.


Ultimate User Experience

Interruptions are more expensive than they seem.  Flow state productivity and employee morale benefit from frictionless MFA.

Better Security. Better Experience.

Deploy Phishing-Resistant Multi-Factor Authentication

Twosense Passive MFA can be installed in 15 minutes. 

Just install the Windows agent and optional Browser Extension to deploy phishing-resistant MFA everywhere, on every app, all the time.