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Twosense + Okta

Get the most out of your Okta investment by visibly confirming user
identities continuously throughout the day


Twosense provides continuous authentication as a layer of increased security with an improved user experience.

It integrates with your current Okta SSO and MFA configuration to automate the challenge-response of MFA. Using continuous and behavior-based biometric authentication, responds to the vast majority of MFA challenges on the users' behalf, improving identity assurance and visibility, while removing MFA friction from the employee workday.

Work overview

How It Works

Twosense relies on sophisticated machine learning to build a profile for each user individually, a feature of ours developed for, and still used by, the US Department of Defense. It continuously observes unique behavioral components such as keystroke and mouse dynamics as well as system, network, and time factors for behavioral biometric authentication. It integrates easily with your Okta SSO to provide an invisible challenge-response that happens before Okta is forced to default to your MFA provider of choice (e.g. Okta Verify, Duo, etc.) only when biometrics indicate that it is needed.

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Twosense installs easily and is often available the same day, it takes 3 easy steps.

Designed to work with Okta's SSO, you can quickly roll out to multiple users with a lightweight internet browser agent. 

Enable SAML 2.0 IdP

Exchange Certificates

Deploy Browser Extension