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Easily Add Continuous Authentication To Your Login Workflows

Twosense allows you to easily add continuous authentication to your login workflows, with no additional training or hardware required for your users. Users don't need to manually enroll, signup, or engage with Twosense. They can continue to work uninterrupted.

Work Flow


Add continuous authentication to your Okta instance without skipping a beat. Enable zero trust identity security for your Okta users with a better user experience. Find us in the Okta Integration Network or contact us to get started today. Okta Integration Overview

Okta Integration Network


Add continuous authentication to your OneLogin instance without missing a beat. Enable zero trust identity security for your OneLogin users and have better user experience.

MFA Policy


Integrate with your AD instance and add continuous authentication throughout your Windows OS. Automate MFA on logon, eliminate friction and increase productivity for your users while increasing security.

TWOSENSE + Thycotic Secret Server

Got a PAM like Thycotic Secret Server? Admins tired of 20+ MFA challenges a day? Use our quick API integration, check a checkbox, and automate MFA for your admins in minutes. Keep your privileged information safe while getting rid of MFA challenges.

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