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Delinea (Formerly Thycotic) Secret Server Integration Guide

What You'll Need to do

There are two main steps you’ll need to follow to complete the deployment. Total time is usually under 30 minutes.

  • Install the Twosense browser extension into Chrome or Edge for all users that will be utilizing Twosense as a factor.
  • Configure Secret Server to use Twosense as an MFA factor.


  • A Secret Server or Secret Server Cloud instance.  If you don't have one, Delinea offers free trials here.
  • An account or active trial with Twosense. Please contact us here to obtain a 30-day trial if you don’t have one already.
  • The API Hostname, Integration Key, and Secret Key provided by your Twosense account manager.


1) Edit the application settings configuration file.
This is on the web application server and in a default installation would be named

2) The file is an XML configuration file.
To enable the TwoSense integration add the following line somewhere between <appSetting> and </appSetting>:

<add key="EnableTwosense" value="true" />

The new file should look something like this (assuming no other edits have been made in the past)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="EnableTwosense" value="true" />

3) Save the configuration file.

4) Run an IISReset on the server to restart the application with the new setting.

5) Log in to Secret Server and navigate to Admin -> Configuration

6) On the ‘Login’ tab you will now see an option for Enable TWOSENSE.AI Integration, it will be defaulted to ‘No’.

7) Edit the login configuration page.

8) Check the box next to Enable TWOSENSE.AI Integration.

9) An additional configuration option will appear.  Add the API Hostname, Integration Key, and Secret Key provided by your Twosense account manager.

10) The Twosense browser extension will begin building user profiles and automating MFA challenges. Your organization’s dashboard at will show progress as the machine learning models improve and MFA challenges are automated